Is This Our New Pet? Tiwa Savage’s Son Jamil Asks After Seeing Ram Bought for Singer’s Beach Birthday Party (Watch Video)


Top Nigerian singer, Tiwa Savage and her son, Jamil’s recent exchange in a viral video has left internet users amused.

Tiwa Savage's son Jamil
Tiwa Savage’s son Jamil

In the trending clip, Tiwa Savage showed her son a ram tied outside their gate to be used for her beach party later in the day.

After seeing the ram, Jamil wanted to know if it was their new pet. His question so much amused the singer that she burst into laughter.

Tiwa later explained things to her son and told him that it wasn’t a pet because the animal was going to be made into suya and pepper soup.

Jamil was however unhappy about the information and told his mother that he didn’t want suya because he didn’t want them to kill the ram.

Tiwa’s explanation on how delicious the pepper soup and suya will be fell on deaf ears for Jamil.

See the video below:

Internet users react

A number of internet users were amused by Jamil’s reaction. Many of them spoke on how innocent children can be.

Read some of their comments below:

Iyenoma.xo: “Children are so innocent ❤️.”

Itz__yeesha: “Such an innocent soul he said I don’t want to kill it .”

Kimjewel20: “It gonna be delicious .”

Tygar_: “We’re going to eat it? But I don’t wanna.”

_Blue__ways_: “Pet yes to pet your stomach hahah.”

Callmeduch: “ ajebo say new pet.”

Anikecrown_: “New pet bawo…Jamil .”