“I was hoping to reap the fruit of my Labor” – Mother of Murdered Bamise Who Took BRT Cries in Video, reveals her daughter does not go out anyhow (Watch Video)


The mother, Ayanwole Comfort, and father of 22-year-old murdered Bamise have both spoken amid great tears in a video.


In a video interview with BBC News Pidgin, the mother crying hard said that her child is not a wayward daughter. The mother said people can go ask from her former bosses to confirm what she said.

My child is well-behaved

The bereaved mother stated that all her neighbours know how well-behaved her child is. She added that it was even a good thing that her child bought a smartphone on credit.

Bamise’s mum said that if she never had a smartphone, the secret of how she got murdered in a government-owned bus will not have been revealed.

The woman asked people to help her as she wondered why a bus that should be the safest in the state became a tool for such a grievous crime.

I wanted to reap the fruit of my labour

The woman said she said needs people to help her seek justice so that the issue would not be handled with levity. She lamented and stated that she was expecting to be blessed through her children when they eventually make it in life.

Bamise’s father revealed that his wife and other children have been in a pool of tears since the lady’s death. The man called the Lagos state government and governor to do something urgent about the mess.

Watch the video below:

Below are some of the reactions:

bluejet_baffups said: “Eternal rest grant unto her O Lord. Let your mercy and perpetual light shine upon her soul. May her gentle soul rest under God’s bossom. Amen.”

smallmadamarik said: “Jesus christ ah! This is unfair.”

mairam491 said: “This is so heartbreaking, That bus driver needs to be dealt with mercilessly.”

oyinksadepoju said: “Even if she was wayward, no woman deserves to be murdered. Very unfortunate.”

therealieuan said: “Jeez. This gave me goosebumps! This is so sad. The insecurity in Nigeria is alarming. Everyday there’s one or more sad story.”

iam_taiw0 said: “This is so sad, no one should have to loose their loved ones in this manner. May God grant her eternal rest and grant her parents and siblings the strength and peace to bear this loss.”

folaukorebi said: “God comfort this woman.”

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