“I knew the guy was lying..“You want custody of the kids and you’re using such foul words on their mom in front of them” – Nigerians take sides as New Video Emerges Showing Korra Obidi’s Ex-husband, Justin Raining Insults on Her in Front of Their Kids (Watch Video)


Nigerian dancer, Korra Obidi’s crashed marriage with Justin Dean has continued to leave internet users divided as they take sides on the matter.

Korra Obidi adn husband, Justin Dean
Korra Obidi adn husband, Justin Dean

A new video has now emerged from Korra’s camp, showing Justin raining insults on the dancer in the presence of their children.


In the video, Justin was seen with Korra and her friend as he explained that whoever had custody of the child at the time divorce was filed was supposed to retain custody till the other party goes before a judge. He noted that it was the reason he wanted to get a restraining order on Korra.

The video also showed the moment when Korra asked her ex-husband if he also wanted to take their newborn baby away despite her still breastfeeding and Justin replied in the affirmative, saying he didn’t care.

Kora obidi
Kora obidi

In a different audio clip, Justin was heard calling Korra names and saying that she regrets having her kids. After the dancer cautioned him not to call her names in front of the children, Justin then called her a who*re a bit*ch and a sl*ut and said he would keep calling her that in front of them till they turn 18 because according to him, that is what she is.

In a note sent to blogs, Korra’s friend also denied Justin’s claim that the dancer said she regretted having her kids. According to her, Korra only said she regretted having the kids with Justin because of their incessant fighting.

See the videos below:

Nigerians take sides on social media

The new video showing Justin raining insults on Korra has now generated mixed reactions online. While some people noted that the father of two is not as innocent as he has been portraying, others said Korra connived with her friends to make him look bad.

Read some of their comments below:

Grillsnchops: “You want custody of the kids and you’re using such foul words on their mom in front of them… the judge go watch these videos first na.”

Ammyrossy24: “The man is over doing oo nawo hope his not using style to bully her cause she is black all dis white guys self.”

Richarddagr8: “Don’t ever go into marriage if u ain’t ready to compromise….be ready to play the fool for the rest of ur life at some point….if u ain’t ready for that just face ur hook up, dey ur Farmcity jejeje, or do ur baby mama/daddy in peace and let God be ur judge..”

Viks_signature: “This man is just too dramatic for my liking, why record every dam*n thing and no matter what kora did that doesn’t stop her from breastfeeding her 4 weeks baby na.. that baby is still small for God sake , some men sha.”

Bglam_store: “this guy is not as innocent as we think he is o.”

Goodeve_igwe: “He ain’t right this time.”

Grillsnchops: “So sad that those innocent babies have to go through this nonsense. .”

Holluwayemissy: “I knew the guy was lying.”

Julietkante: “I thought you people said it was the man who recorded it.. U see Dat woman ehh she just dey manipulate us, mk we for pity her.”

Endowedangel: “I knew he was lying.”

Smartofficial__: “Watch how Kora will connive with her friends to create a bad image about her ex husband.”


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