“How I almost lost my brain on set” – Mide Martins shares video of the moment she fell on the ground and hit her head on the tiles during a movie shoot (Watch Video)


Many people may believe acting is an easy job; however, it appears that there are things that happen behind the scene that movie viewers are not aware of.

Mide Martins
Mide Martins

Popular Yoruba actress Mide Martins in a recent video she shared, has exposed Nigerians to some of the hazards actors and actresses go through to entertain movie lovers.


The highlight from the video was the moment Mide fell on the ground and hit her head on the tiles during a movie shoot; her reaction after the fall showed that the pain was real.

Mide, while reacting to the video, appreciated God for making her see the completion of the project.

She said:

”May we not labor in vain..

May God crown all of our greatest efforts. I give glory to God almighty because “ni gbogbo ona aye ope yo” Hmmnn!!! I remember when we were shooting this particular scene in “ONITEMI” I almost lost my brain after hitting my head badly on the tiles. I was able to sustain the injury through the grace of God almighty and now this happens. Well it is well

I say thank you to everyone that stood by me during this trying period. Ese modupe gidi gan. God bless you all.”

See the video below:

Fans react to the moment Mide Martins fell on the tiles during a movie shoot

We captured some reactions by some of Mide’s fans, see them below:

_o_funmilayo: ”Not even this scene got me ooooo. The part where there was much blood, close to the end.”

olayemidominion: ”Infact I was crying here thinking you going to die I swear infact the movie is very in emotional.”

olayinka_david02 ”The movie Onitemi was educating, thought you died was crying already, until I saw the last scene. You busted my brain. Keep it up.”

Recall Afeez Owo consoled his wife as she broke down in tears following a huge setback in the movie industry.

The actress, who is supposed to be joyous about the premiere of her movie, Onitemi part 2, is however heartbroken after scenes were cut out from the movie.

Mide Martins and Afeez Owo
Mide Martins and Afeez Owo

Following the criticisms she received, she had to pull down the movie, which is a huge debt for her and her producers.

With the help of her husband who was consoling her, Mide Martins pleaded with the public to re-watch her movie and show her love.

Explaining why the movie was taken down, she said she didn’t like how some scenes were cut off.

She said while crying :

“Hello everyone,
I am sorry to be doing this
I’m not fine and I don’t know how to hide it.
I know people would be asking what happened cause my movie was uploaded on YouTube and I am supposed to be happy but I am not because what was uploaded in the movie was something that gave me sadness. The movie is not completed and for me, it means my efforts were wasted because of one thing or the other they had to remove some scenes which are not right.

Movie making is not about money-making, it’s passing a message across to people. So I don’t like it, so I told them to pull it down cause I want the movie to be re-uploaded”.

Mide Martins
Mide Martins

She captioned the video with,

“Who are we to question the will of God almighty, everything in life happens for a particular reason!! My latest ONITEMI Part 2 was uploaded this morning and due to some reasons had to be pulled down and re-uploaded which means me losing a lot on the movie but it’s okay what is what doing is what doing well. I say a huge thank you to everyone who has been very supportive on this project. You guys are the best!!”.

Watch Video below:

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