How Do I Tell My Kids how their father died? Pregnant Wife Whose Hubby Was Allegedly Burnt Alive by In-Law Opens Up – Watch the emotional Video


Princess Munachi, the distraught pregnant woman whose husband was allegedly burnt alive by a relative called Benjamin Ogudoro has opened up in an emotionally charged video.

According to the woman, her late husband named Ifeanyi Njokure was allegedly killed by one Benjamim who is currently in detention at the Lagos State Criminal Investigation Department.

Benjamin is the husband to Majela Chinyere Ogudoro, a sister to the deceased who returned to Nigeria from Scotland on that tragic day.

How it happened

Narrating the blood curdling story, Princess said her late husband was sleeping alongside her sister-in-law who also died on the spot as a result of injuries sustained as a result of the fire.

She said Benjamin and her husband had a misunderstanding. Benjamin then went out only to return when the two were asleep. He returned with fuel which he poured on them and lit a match.

Her words:

“How do I get to tell my kids that your father died? He didn’t die in an accident, he wasn’t sick. How would I get myself to tell them that he was burnt?”

The touching video of her interview was shared on Instagram by @bbcnewspidgin. Watch Video below: