“His Wife Must Have a Big Heart” – New video of John Dumelo and Yvonne Nelson in bed together stirs reaction


Actor and politician John Dumelo has been captured in a video playing in bed with his colleague actress Yvonne Nelson.

Yvonne Nelson
Yvonne Nelson

In the video that was shared on Instagram by Yvonne herself, Dumelo was seen lying next to her in the bed, and after picking his nose, tried to touch the actress with the finger.

John Dumelo
John Dumelo

However, she moved away from him and blocked him with her right hand so that he does not see her face.

Just then the camera is fixed on their colleague actor Majid Michel who was only laughing at them.

Video gets massive reactions from fans

The video triggered mixed reactions from fans. While some of them disapprove of the two in bed together, others are taking it lightly.

truthseecker: “His wife must have a big heart to accept this. I will be mad if my husband plays too much with other women.

brian_pero: “@truthseecker he saw Yvonne Buh went ahead nd marry his wife so Wahs da big deal.”

hope_emefa: “Work and happiness.”

alhajiba_nana: “Ah John asem b3n.”

____.mutiyaa: “Honourable paaa.”

bihlorraine12: “I thought only my husband and I do this.”

christabel_desire: “Chai see all my lovers in one room ooo.”

k.prosperity1: “Aww…she’s good in everything that she does.”

i_am_golden0005: “God save you.”

s_nanaabena: “like seriously.”

kene_nicholas: “Una go soon do am when we no dey look.”