He Collected My Car, I Give Him Pocket Money: Voice Note of Portable Ranting Bitterly About How much he pays Kogbagidi Surfaces online- Listen to the Voice Note


Fast-rising singer, Portable keeps crying out on social media about how show promoter and manager, Kogbagidi has been treating him.

Zazu - Portable
Zazu – Portable

The young man’s inconsistency makes it hard to believe that the drama is not a publicity stunt for a new song, but a voice note which has made the rounds on social media might prove otherwise.

Portable rants bitterly

In the lengthy voice note, Portable revealed that his car was collected because he logged into Instagram and cried out for help.


He continued by revealing the number of times he has paid Kogbagidi after shows as well as fuel his car and give him pocketmoney.

Portable further disclosed that he bought his car by himself and people who have tried to help him has been blocked from having access to him.

In another clip, the singer also ranted to Poco Lee via Instagram DM ranting over how he has been heavily extorted.

Listen to the voice note below:

Nigerians react

thedeejaah: “Hmmmmm I may be wrong but sincerely this guy needs help, he need to get treated first. Fame can come after but he’s not okay fr. May God keep you safe and healthy o.”

sweet_sixten: “Why are they milking this guy like this nah,abi nah wetin person dey go through be this?”

_paris_x: “But why are they cheating him, I like that he’s speaking up.”

tenisola_: “Tell me again that education is a waste of time education is key”