“He collect my gee babe ni ooo” – Portable accused of snatching a man’s girlfriend in Kenya – Watch Video of girl in bed as Portable flaunts her to the world


It’s being reported that viral Nigerian singer, Portable, who got into the city of Nairobi, Kenya recently, allegedly snatched another man’s girlfriend in the city.


The singer who has been sharing updates of his visit on his social media space, showed himself hanging out with a couple of ladies in the residence he lodged in in the city.

Portable’s video has wowed a number of his fans as they ponder on how the price of fame has changed his lifestyle and now he’s able to bamba and chill with the big boys.

However, it’s been alleged that one of the ladies that was spotted with the singer in his lodge, is the girlfriend of another man from whom the singer allegedly snatched her from.

The friend of the boyfriend whose babe was snatched reached out to a publication, reporting the case and alleging that the singer has caused “wahala” in the city of Nairobi.

Watch a couple of videos the singer made with the ladies he was chilling with,

This has sparked various reactions on social media.

@kennedyexcel: “This life just get money small blow werey don dey chop babes upandan, Inukwa from weed accent to british accent.”

@de_majestic1: “See how she’s happy self , I can’t believe she’s being snatched.”

@czar_uwa: “Razz with money dey work.” norbertify: “Omo… Some Women no be anything o. See this fine girl . No wonder they usually say.. just have money, you can have any woman of your choice. Just imagine.”

@@ pee_thrift: “Make the boyfriend face the babe leave portable alone joor…… portable nor kidnap Am .see as the girl Dey smile like roasted toad…. She Dey enjoy the guy werey.”

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