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GrandMa finds N14.9 Million inside a chair she got fro Free, she reveals what she did after finding the money


Vicky Umodu just moved into a new house in Southern California so she could be near her daughter and grandchildren.

She was looking for new furniture, having given away all hers before moving. She said she needed sofas, tables, chairs, and beds for her new house where she will live with her adult son.

A classified advert filled with free stash of cash

When Umodu saw a classified post advertising free furniture, she said she felt as though she has hit a jackpot.

According to the Washington Post, it was May 18 and she and her 29-year-old son, Oly Umodu had taken free furniture and moved it into their living room.

The grandmother said she felt something unusual as she was placing the cream-coloured upholstered cushion on an oversized armchair.

Something seemed off about the chair and she felt there was a heating pad inside the chair, so she unzipped the cushion, and felt her hand around. She said it was not a heating pad but a bunch of paper.

According to her, when she pulled it out, she was shocked. The cushion was stuffed with bank deposit envelopes and manila envelopes filled with cash. In all, she found more than $36,000 (N14.940 million) cash hidden in the chair with a scalloped design that Umodu had picked up for free.

Umodu states why she must return the cash

Umodu who could not give her real age said it was a lot of money and she could have used the money to buy more furniture and new appliances, but she and her son contacted the man who had given them the furniture.

In addition to the furniture, the man had also given them some kitchenware and other household appliances for free.

Umodu stated that she knew she could not keep the money as it is a lot of money, saying it was not hers.

A stash left by a deceased for family

The man who gave them furniture had told them the furniture belonged to his late uncle and that the family decided to give away most of his items to people in need.

The man who gave Umodu the items came over when she called with the news of the stash of cash. He said his uncle had told a relative that he has hidden money around the house for many years.

The unidentified man said they have been searching around the house and only found just $1,000 and had thought that that was all the money the uncle had left after he died.

Umodu said she learned the value of being honest, hence she decided to return the money since she did not earn it.