‘Fake’ Portable Proposes to Random Lady At A Mall, She Goes Crazy And Jumps For Joy- Not Knowing It’s A Prank – (Watch Video)


A young man and his team, probably content creators succeeded in pulling off a prank when he posed as singer Portable and proposed to a random lady in a mall and the drama that ensued consolidates why female fans are just ready to throw themselves at superstars.

The lady momentarily started floating on cloud nine which she demonstrated by removing her wig and jumping hysterically. The fake Portable guy sported the musician’s dyed hair but concealed his identity by wearing a face mask and wearing a hoodie.


She thought he was the real Portable and immediately started screaming ‘Zazuu’ while jumping up in excitement. When she put herself together, she also got on her knees and moved closer to him, which was when onlookers urged her to accept.

She said Yes and he put the ring on her finger before being hurriedly carried away by his entourage.

Budding Nigerian singer, Portable, was moved to tears on Valentine’s Day after his girlfriend’s grand romantic gesture to him.

February 14 is known to be a very big deal to a lot of Nigerians especially those who have lovers and are hoping they go all out for them.

Well, Portable was not left out on the big day seeing as his girlfriend, Feyishara, went all out to make it a very special one for him.

Portable’s Valentine’s Day surprise was captured in a series of videos making the rounds on social media.

It all started when the singer was led to a room and upon his entrance, a group of friends excitedly screamed the word ‘surprise’.

As soon as he stepped in, a trumpeter aka ‘pan ran ran’ started to play Timi Dakolo’s popular tune, Iyawo mi’.

A look around the room also showed that it was decorated with rose petals used to make heart shapes on the floor as well as spell out the words ‘Happy Val’ on the bed. The room also had numerous balloons and ribbons tied around.

Portable sheds tears of joy

Portable was no doubt very impressed and he uttered the words ‘mo fo o’ meaning he is moved.

Just as the singer thought that was over, another praise singer was called into the room and he sang praises with Portable’s name, Omoolalomi. The Zazu crooner was so moved that he brought out money from his purse to spray the singer.

Portable then stretched his hands out to his girlfriend and gave her a very tight and emotional hug before he burst into tears.

The Zazu singer did not mind that his ‘hard guy’ status might have been compromised as he continued to cry openly. His girlfriend also tried her best to wipe his tears and console him.

Taking to his Instagram page, Portable shared the videos and showed great appreciation to his bae, Feyishara.

He wrote: “Valentine Zeh for here oooo. Thanks my love @omobewaji_oluwaferanmi_ewatomi For the surprise i really appreciate this. Forever is the deal ZAzuu Mama Zeh Bizza Bizza.”

See the post below:

Internet users react

Many Nigerians had a lot to say about Portable’s Valentine’s Day surprise and seeing him break down in tears. Read some of their comments below:

Ola____kush: “God How.”

Only1___prech: “U self Dey romantic oooo. opor.”

Officialangel_poshest: “His crying aww .”

Deejaymeldal: “Who’s this Were Paranran now !”

Zinoejumedia: “Every man has that woman that can bring tear to their eyes …no matter how strong hearted a man is there’s always a soft side and emotional part of him.”

Pelu_mih: “Even portable sev got surprise who am I nawa… year tun ti bo.”

Obagold526: “Omo even portable.”

Nice one.

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