Crossdresser, James Brown Ditches Female Clothing As He Arrives London for the First Time, Bobrisky reacts (Watch video)


Popular crossdresser and influencer, James Brown, is overwhelmed with emotions as he travels to London, United Kingdom, for the first time ever.

The controversial transvestite who recently showed off a pair of diamond earrings he bought himself as an early birthday present, took to his Instagram page to share photos and videos of himself at Heathrow airport, London.

He was super excited to finally make it to the Queens Land and couldn’t contain his emotions as he danced and jumped for joy.

He wrote,

“Yay 💃💃💃 I made to land of Royalty

I’m in Landon 😫😫

Is not easy oo 😫😫 I need help”

See more photos/video below,

Reacting to the news, Bobrisky is currenrtly holding grudges against James Brown claimed he is happy for him.

Bobrisky wrote: “Happy for him”

Congratulatory messages pour in

blaack__diamondd said: “Omg!!! My princess! I’m so happy for you!!!!”

posh_nuell said: “The abused boy is now in London, just do you and the world will adjust.”

i_beryl_b said: “Why u no dress like girl go na.” da__mi123 said: “Why you no wear your bra go Landon now .”

iamnasboi said: “I no see papito or m name? Una dn break up? Congratulations boo, I mean congratulations my gee.”

monalisa.stephen said: “See his growth. Keep hustling . The world will Adjust.”

mandyjossy said: “He is in London.. n ur still in comment section telling him how to live his life.. lmao… keep trolling him n he keeps makin d money.”

A while ago, James Brown revealed that his biological father is indeed proud of him and can see his social media posts.

He made this revelation after an Instagram follower asked him to send his recent Instagram post where he described himself as a woman with a manhood, to his dad.

Reacting, the crossdresser said, “My dad can see it he’s proud of me”.