Businesswoman accused of snatching her employee’s fiancé, shares her side of the story


The businesswoman who was accused of snatching her former employee’s fiancée, has shared her own side of the story as she denies the allegation.


It was earlier reported that the ex-employee, Ashley Nwosu, took to Twitter to point accusing fingers at her former employer, Christabel, accusing her of snatching her man and firing her in the process. Read here

Taking to Twitter to narrate what transpired from her own point of view, Christabel wrote on Twitter today, April 21,

“Chidinma started working with me at Christa Cuisine @christacuisine late December 2019.
We were more like coworkers cos we were really close. I fulfilled my part of the agreement and she fulfilled hers too.
Not until she decided to start stealing from me.

Unending missing funds with no reasonable explanation.
Everyone suspected and pointed fingers at her, But I had so much trust in her and didn’t believe any of them.
She had a fiancé at that time who always frequented the work place.
He was tall, dark and handsome (my spec).

I always told her he was my spec, but never had a personal relationship with him. It was just “Good morning “, “How’s it going?” etc
She told me he always asked of me and made it known to her that I’m his type of woman. I’ll laugh it off cos I had no interest in him.

@tachaaddict Please tell them how you ‘moved’ a bag of flour, bottles of flavor and the mixing machine to your house. You told your fiancé I gave them to you as Christmas gift when I had no idea you had them.
You made me believe there was a robb*ry when there was none.

The first time I had a serious convo with her Fiancé was when I discovered she has been stealing from me.
I was so heartbroken, I needed someone to talk to. I couldn’t call the police or report to the authorities cos I took her as a sister and a friend.

When I spoke to him about it, he told me she has stolen from him on several occasions but he let it slide.
That was when he opened up to me about her violent nature. Told me she hits him. I felt really sorry for him and introduced him to a therapist from Mentally Aware.

Let me make this clear. I never dated him, All I felt for him was concern.
The therapist advised him to leave the abusive relationship he had with Chidinma. I checked up on him often though and he tried to kiss me on several occasions but I DECLINED.

I knew it wasn’t right. That was when I decided to cut off all communications with him cos he wouldn’t stop asking. Chidinma on the other hand, found out I helped her man to leave the abusive relationship he had with her.

She showed up at the bakery and – Called me all sorts of names.
The insults combined with the constant theft made me to conclude that it was over. That was when I ended whatever I had with her.

She’s been telling everyone I snatched her man and fired her, but that wasn’t the case. I liberated him and my company.”

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