“3 shirts and 2 trousers” – Nkechi Blessing goes the extra mile to prove how poor ex-husband, Opeyemi is (Screenshot)


Popular actress, Nkechi Blessing Sunday continues to ridicule her ex-husband, Opeyemi Falegan amid their messy split.

Nkechi Blessing
Nkechi Blessing

The thespian in her live sessions reiterated that the politician is seriously battling with penury and finds it difficult to feed himself.


She also took to her Instagram stories to make some degrading statements about Opeyemi all in a bid to prove that he’s struggling.

She asserted that he possesses only 3 shirts and 2 pairs of trousers, and flies economy class when travelling only to rush into business class to take pictures after the passengers must have alighted from the plane.

She went on to slam him by tagging him as a jobless man who spends all his time on Instagram live.

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Recall, in a move which shook most of her fans, Blessing shared a lot of dirty secrets about her relationship and she accused Falegan of being a user.

Below is a compilation of the massive dirty linen-washing she shared on her Instagram story ;

Since I took a walk, Baba realized how irrelevant he became, he begin pay blogs to post old news so he can trend. Fame you got on a platter of gold, as that one no work, he decided to run his mouth.

Dear ODF enjoy this few days of attention go and get a real life outside those keypad…stop living off older women, for how long?

Ain’t you ashamed of yourself? Omo!

If them ask me wetin my so called Boyfriend does for a living, Walai I don’t have an answer. 3 weeks in London, you no wake up go work, sleep and wake up for live video, if joblessness was a person…TUEH!!!

A lot of you are stuck in woron woron relationship because of what people will say, koni da fun people! You can love someone and still let them go, Uncle weyre, enjoy the last fame for few days and go back to the nobody you were….you think say you been catch big fish? Me wey still dey beg God, want turn me to beggar for Instagram because of useless foundation, who begs money from people to help other? If you no get you no go rest? Ashiere!!!

I feel very relieved… Thank you lord!

The worst you will say is she don f#ck the whole world for this tight kpekus? Wey you sef know the truth as in shock you yourself.

I no even claim saint, I accept the title of Olosho with my full Chest.

You made me almost fight everybody cos na only you all my colleagues want f#ck, meanwhile na you dey their DM ooo they find favors, you want use me still use all the people close to me, as i no gree, problem start..

In your words** What will it cost you to get this people to do a video for my foundation.

shen gbo weyre.. Uncle you need their services, you PAY.

The woman that gave you 500k from US, you still say na cus she want nack you, person wey help because of me. Without me you fit see anybody give you 1k for this App?

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