Young Nigerian Man with Natural Light Blue Eyes and White Hairs in Front of His Head Goes Viral, Wows Many (PHOTOS)


A Nigerian man’s natural body features have made him an internet sensation.

The young man was born with light blue eyes and frontal white hairs, features which are not common with Nigerians.

Sharing photos of the youth with the special features on Facebook, a man identified as Enyinnaya Nwosu stated that he discovered him during the occasion of his dad’s burial.

Enyinnaya said the young man was one of those who helped him do all the tasking work at the burial occasion in his village.

He tipped the man to become a model

Enyinnaya while describing the man as a rough diamond tipped him as a modelling material who will come very good in the profession.

He urged his Facebook friends to broadcast the discovered man so the special features doesn’t get wasted.

He wrote:

“This is one of the guys who helped me do all the hard work during my father’s burial in the village.

“He is handsome with special eyes color and white hair. He is just a special star. He will be good as a model. A rough diamond.

“Please share and let this talent not be wasted.”

This is one of the guys who helped me do all the hard work during my father's burial in the village.He is handsome with…

Posted by Enyinnaya Nwosu on Sunday, December 19, 2021

Nigerians react

Jack Moriss stated: “Bless him… just an epitome of ndi olokoro…”

Uche Nnanna remarked: “Beautiful eyes.”

Lu Roi commented: “Looks a bit like poliosis or waardenburg syndrome. Very rare. Onye Ocha nna ya did oji.”

Nene Nwabueze Igbani Awo thought: “Special made by God , like u said let this talent not to be wasted , lead him to Christ first let him no and dwell in d word of God and every other thing will be added on to him.”