OAP, Victor Nwaogu popularly known as Nkubi, who also happens to be a little person sat down for an interview with BBC Pidgin with his new wife, Nkeiru and the two went on to talk about their love story. Here are 5 lessons we can all take from their interview.

1. Ladies, Don’t Be Afraid to Shoot Your Shot

One major lesson from the beautiful couple’s BBC interview is to Shoot Your Shot! Traditionally this advice is given to men mostly because society has declared that only men should do the shot shooting, but that shouldn’t be. Women if they want to should also feel comfortable shooting their shot or sliding into DMs if they please. Speaking on how they met, Nkeiru surprisingly revealed that it was her who actually shot her shot with Victor. The interview is with BBC Pidgin and so they speak pidgin throughout. For the sake of readers worldwide, I’ll translate what was said. Nkeiru said:

“I was scrolling through Facebook when I found my way into one of my friend’s timeline and saw his friends. There I saw Victor and at that time I had never done anything and never been in contact with a little person. So I decided to send Victor a friend request even if just to be friends. He accepted me, we talked for a while, and he asked me out. But I’m the one who first talked to him.”

2. There’s Someone Out There for Everybody

This next bit of wisdom actually comes from Victor. Speaking during the interview, the OAP said:

I still feel like no matter what you look like in this world, there is always somebody out there for you.

Truer words have never been spoken.

3. People WILL Talk

In the world that we live in, you can know for a fact that people would never just keep their opinions to yourself even when it is regarding your spouse and that is what happened in the case of Nkeiru and Victor as well. Speaking on how to deal with all of the talk and gossip, Nkeiru said:

Anybody that says anything is saying it into their own pocket. I have made my decision, I have made my own choice. Everybody has their own choices to make.

4. Follow Your Heart

Another nice bit of advice that came out of this interview came from Victor who advices everyone to follow their heart. He said:

When it comes to finding love, follow your heart. It’s a normal thing. Don’t fall back because you feel like you look a certain way or you’ve reached a certain stage and nobody is reaching out to you or you you’re not asking anybody out. Just take one step then take another then take another, just like that, you will start to see results.

5. A Man is a Man

Finally, speaking directly to women, Nkeiru said:

What I want to tell my fellow woman and ladies is this – a man is a man. Whether short or tall, a man is a man. If you see a man that loves you and appreciates you, grab him!

This was such a beautiful interview with so much sound advice for everybody around the world. There’s so much truth in these words and I hope you’ve found some solid advice from it.