Woman buries her late husband with a live snake – Watch Video


A shocking video making rounds on social media shows the moment a woman buried her late husband with a live snake (python) in Ghana.

In the video, the grieving widow was spotted with the live snake curled around her neck before she laid it on her late husband’s body inside the coffin.

A voice in the background could be heard explaining why she did the ritual. According to the person, the snake bit the tongue of the deceased which led to his death, so his wife decided to bury him with his killer.

The woman was visibly agitated in the video as she was shaking her head frantically while pointing her finger at the snake and her late husband.

Watch the video below,

The video has sparked mixed reactions on social media as netizens share their thoughts. See some reactions,

bby__naa wrote, “This is snake abuse wai….snakes also have rights 😂”

k_addo_ wrote, “May she be comforted. She is in a lot of agony and pain.”

spiceebwoy wrote, “The snake will survive.It will feed on the man dead body and will even grow better and bigger then go away”

yaa_gha wrote, “This is animal cruelty. How do you bury a live snake alive?”