Why wear okrika and travel abroad, what if the owner sees it – Nigerian lady asks


A Nigerian lady with the Twitter handle @Finallybolu has stirred massive reactions on the platform with her hilarious tweet.

In a post on Wednesday, March 24, the lady asked why a person would wear second-hand clothes (okrika) and travel abroad in them, wondering what would happen if the owners see them in the foreign country.

According to Okriks, the word “okrika” which is used for second-hand wear in Nigeria came from a town by the same name, a place people believe the clothes came through into the country.

It was gathered that the word usage started around the 1950s and 1960s and became a ‘brand’ name for all kinds of foreign used clothes.

Many people found @Finallybolu’s tweet quite funny as they revealed what they would do if found in such a situation.

See her tweet below:

We compiled some of the reactions below:

@Hiam_Sunshine said: “That’s why I dey like collect receipt. If the real owner see am, I go show am receipt lobatan.”

@IfeanyichukwuAO said: “Loooool. You’re smart!”

@_kanoyinsola said: “As per na only dem designer design for?”

@Victor440003992 said: “Hahahaha. It happened to me…I bought okirika (ASDA jacket) and took it to UK for fear of winter. There someone asked me do you work for ASDA? I was like what? I just bought a jacket.”

@tunarmania said: “Funny enough nah Okrika I wear comot naija..Confirm Akube.”