Why I Left Slay Queen for Comedy – Ashmusy Bares it All In New Interview


Instagram comedienne Amarachi Amusi, professionally known as Ashmusy has revealed in a new interview why she ditched being a slay queen to making a fortune out of comedy.

Ashmusy who currently boasts over 600,000 followers on her Instagram page, is one of the most conspicuous young men and women from Nigeria who have taken Instagram by storm with various contents that have become their source of livelihood.

In a recent interaction with TVC’s Wake Up Nigeria, Ashmusy also touched on the inputs that go into the comedy skits while revealing that one of her most popular skits, the Zee World movie skit below took 6 hours to film.

Amarachi Amusi, professionally known as Ashmusy
Amarachi Amusi, professionally known as Ashmusy

She said about the shooting time:

Getting the story is usually the main point cuz when you have the story, you can always shoot and edit and it goes well.

So getting the story is usually not so easy. Sometimes it takes nights of thinking, sometimes it takes maybe watching some movies to get inspiration, figure out ideas and all that, but I’ve kind of gotten used to it already.

That particular skit took us about 4, 5 hours to shoot. Or I think 6 hours, let’s say 6 hours to shoot. It wasn’t difficult per se, but everybody had to get their part perfectly and that would take time. From the running to the chest breathing.

On shunning the slay queen world to different terrain as a comedienne, the pretty young star stated;

Amarachi Amusi, professionally known as Ashmusy
Amarachi Amusi, professionally known as Ashmusy

I finished serving in 2017 and so I wanted to do skits, I wanted to start shooting but then I didn’t know how to start. I don’t know how to translate from a slay queen, because then I was a local slay queen that year, to a skit maker.

And you know for comedy, you have to be somehow ugly or you have to be free or something so it wasn’t easy for me at all. But I found somebody, Ada Jesus, and we were so alike. We were like twinnies.

We met somewhere we went to shoot a skit. So when I heard her talk that day because she was in the room with me that day, she sounded like me and so I was like “Ah ah, who is talking like me like this?” I now saw her, we were now somehow the same skin color, we looked alike somehow.

Then I was like, “Okay, you want to act?” she said yes. She asked me, “you want to act?” I said yes too. So we were like, “Fine, let’s start together,” because it’s going to be easier starting with somebody than starting alone, that’s how we saw it that time. So we started together, started making our videos, and that’s how it entered.