Wednesday, December 1, 2021

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    “Who is the mum and who is the child?” – People are confused as they could not Distinguish Between a 35 year old Mother And Her 17 year old Daughter

    A woman has set social media abuzz with the photos of her and her daughter and social media have been talking about the snaps.

    In a post on Friday, December 18, the woman joined the “How it’s going vs How it started” challenge that has been trending on social media for weeks.

    In one of the pictures, the woman holds her baby, and the other shows both of them many years after looking like sisters.

    The mother, on her Instagram, said that looking at her daughter always makes her appreciative of how God has helped her.

    Amina and her mother lived in London at that tender age, and she got pregnant with a Jamaican young man who actually was happy to be called a dad.

    But the issue was her mother, who was a God-fearing woman, and so she had to live at her baby daddy’s house until she was 7 months into her pregnancy, because, according to her, she had to leave her mother’s house for her to process the whole idea of her 17-year-old daughter being pregnant.

    Amina’s subsequent post revealed that she had her baby when she was a teenager. At the time of writing this post, her post has gathered many reactions.

    See her post below:

    See some pictures of the mum and Daughter

    See some of the reactions below:

    @dahtgirl_ajex said: “Who is the mum and who is the child?”

    @hmpalsca said: “This actually got me.. Very hard to tell who the momma is.”

    @ekua_fante said: “So who on earth is the mom!!?”

    @nakedely_nina said: “I’m confused, who’s supposed to be who, you both look so young.”

    @ItsShelby said: “That ain’t mother and child, cause they look like sisters or friends, ain’t no way… I’d have to see a birth certificate because I just won’t believe it. This is black don’t crack taken too far, the audacity omg.”

    See more photos below

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