“Who gave birth to who here, Who’s mama and who’s daughter”: Social media reacts as woman shares adorable photos she took with her daughter


A woman’s attempt to show off her daughter has generated massive reactions on social media.

The lady @LungiNaidoo while sharing pictures she took with her daughter wrote: “I gave birth to myself.”

In all the pictures the lady whose bio reads that she is half-Indian half-African one thing was striking – her amazing matching look with her daughter.

It was hard to differentiate who was the mother and who the daughter was.

Many tweeps argued that no DNA test was needed to confirm that the lady truly is the mother of the child, others expressed surprise at the resemblance between the two.

@j_woodlyn said: “Wow!! The GREAT CREATORS’ blessings.”

@_Ndoni_yamanzi commented: “Okay, which one is the birther and which is the birthed because wow.”

@sqandom also enquired: “Who is the birther and who is the birthee here?”

@KwandaMorgan remarked: “You guys are just super beautiful!! Yall are awesome.”

@King_Romeo710 wrote: “Who’s mama and who’s daughter lana, I’m confused. Anisebahle.”

@Siah_Lamarck questioned: “What’s your daughter eating , that you don’t eat ? It can’t be the same food.”