“We will move online” – Dowen College tells parents after Lagos State Government shut down the school following death of a student allegedly tortured by other students


Dowen College has told its parents and students that they will continue the academic session online after the Lagos State Government ordered that the school be closed indefinitely.


The state government stated that the school will remain closed pending the outcome of the investigation into the death of Sylvester Oromoni Jr. allegedly tortured in school by other students.

The school authorities had initially asked students to stay at home for two days, saying they will resume next week for exams. This development led to an outrage as Nigerians questioned why the school is carrying on with exams when a student died due to an incident that allegedly happened in the school.

Dowen College has now sent another message to parents and students following the announcement by the Lagos State Government that the school will remain shut indefinitely.

In the mail, Dowen assured parents that they will continue online. Read the mail courtesy of LIB,

Meanwhile, The father of Sylvester Jr., the 11-year-old Dowen College Student who died after he was allegedly bullied and tortured by students of the same school yesterday, had an interview with PUNCH.

Mr. Oromoni recounted his son’s last moments.

During the course of the interview which was done on Zoom, Mr. Oromoni broke down in tears as he remembered his son’s dream of wanting to be a pilot.

He said during the school’s career day, his son would always dress like a pilot as that was his dream. Mr Oromoni also spoke on how he would be celebrating Sylvester who would have turned 12 today December 4.

Watch the video clip below:

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