We can never be friends – The Real cause of Toyin Abraham and Lizzy Anjorin’s rift finally revealed


Toyin Abraham has stated that she has never and can never be friends with colleague, Lizzy Anjorin.

Toyin Abraham
Toyin Abraham

The rift between the actresses started in 2007 when Lizzy Anjorin allegedly accused Toyin Abraham of running the popular blog called Gistlover and other several Instagram accounts to troll her and her other colleagues in the industry.

She also said Toyin fed the blog a fake story about her being arrested on her way to Saudi Arabia for carrying cocaine which is not true.

Toyin Abraham and Lizzy Anjorin
Toyin Abraham and Lizzy Anjorin

The fight became more intense again after Toyin Abraham had her baby Ire and Lizzy was accused of not sending a congratulatory message to her and this resulted into a feud between Toyin Abraham’s fans and Lizzy Anjorin who rained insults on Lizzy and Toyin kept mute about the whole issue. This made Lizzy so angry, because according to her, Toyin has the power to tell her fans to back off but rather, she kept quiet and Lizzy didn’t find her actions funny at all.

She later went ahead to release a video where she talked about the fact that Toyin is living a fake life and lied about what she said she had acquired. Also that she had her baby in “Ile Alagbo” contrary to what many believed, that she had her baby abroad.

The war continued on social media as Lizzy was not ready to back out until the leaders of ‘TAMPAN’, Mr Latin, the President of the Theatre Arts and Motion Picture Association of Nigeria (TAMPAN) in the company of Yinka Quadri in a video called both actresses to stop fighting and if they continue to fight on social media, the association would be forced to intervene.

This made the whole fight go down a bit until a few months ago when Lizzy Anjorin had her baby in the U.S. a Few days ago Lizzy reignites the feud with Toyin Abraham through a video that went viral.

She revisited the bullying and trolling she has been facing from Toyin’s fans with regard to her getting delivered of a newborn baby in the U.S.

Toyin Abraham
Toyin Abraham

According to Lizzy, Toyin created fake Instagram accounts to bully her and claim that she did not carry the pregnancy herself nor did she give birth in Florida U.S.A.

Well, the two parties were invited to a live Instagram session days ago by popular blogger, Esabod to settle things amicably.

At first, Esabod was angry with Toyin Aimakhu and her fans for how they have been attacking Lizzy Anjorin. She was also displeased with some of the bloggers’ intervention on the issue. Esabod also stated that she has actually tried severally to talk to Toyin on the issue 2 years ago but Toyin ignored her message on Whatsapp. As the live video was going, pretty actress, Iyabo Ojo joined Esabod on Instagram live video and as she was about to narrate what she thought might have caused Toyin Abraham and Lizzy Anjorin’s rift, Toyin Abraham called Esabod on her other line and there was a serious war.

Many people called Esabod to apologise on Toyin’s behalf but she refused and ended the video.

Lizzy Anjorin
Lizzy Anjorin

Then the story took another turn when she started another live video, 2 hours after the first video, and this time around her mood has changed compared to the first video where she was angry. She was able to call Toyin Abraham and Lizzy Anjorin individually, to settle the matter once and for all. In her words “I have received several calls this night, I hope you people will not kill me. Over 6 people have called me from the Nollywood industry to settle this matter once and for all.

I want to believe Toyin has learnt her lesson. She was the one that messed the whole story up. If she had attended to me since 2 years ago that I sent her a message, we would have settled it a long time ago. I am going to bring them in now one after the other and I want them to talk about what is really bothering them and share with us where they think they have wronged, or offended each other”.

And within 5 seconds Toyin Abraham called “grandma I want to apologise for speaking to you rudely the other time. I wasn’t pleased with the way you were cursing my child and abusing my husband. Everybody knows I adore my husband a lot and he is my mini God. I know I really offended you for ignoring your message 2 years ago, then, I just gave birth and my phone was not with me for almost 2 months”.

Toyin, what do you think you have done to Lizzy, what really is your offence? Esabod asked”, “Mummy before God and man I don’t know. I heard it was a fan that commented on one post, ask her to give you the evidence I have never wronged her.

Have you ever abused her with your account or any other account?

I don’t have any other account. And I have never seen Lizzy more than twice in my life. The first time we were on set together and the 2nd time was at the movie premiere of Wasilat Coded, then, I was pregnant but I didn’t want people to know.

It’s between me and God if I have ever talked ill of Lizzy Anjorin.

What brought about the issue of herbs or herbal house when you gave birth?

Before God and man, I don’t know anything about it. I guess it was my fans that accused her for not congratulating me, or they sent something to Gistlover, before God and man I don’t know anything.

Everything they are telling you are just lies. I am an Ambassador to RevolutionPlus. My husband bought the house we are living in and we have another one in Ibadan but we are not noisemakers. God gave me a 2nd chance and I will never lose it for anything. I was just angry when you are cursing my child and my husband because I knew I didn’t offend anybody. The point is they bully me a lot. A lot of people bully me on Instagram, Facebook, but what I do is just ignore, and sometimes block the account, and move on. Anybody can bully me, I am a public figure but please don’t involve my husband and my son. Let me ask you one question, how can you know the movement of someone you are not friends with. I don’t even have Lizzy’s number.

And you didn’t write any petition against her to Saudi Arabia Govt?

Why will I write a petition to Saudi Arabia? I am a Christian, what is my business with Saudi Arabia? I swear to God she is not my friend. Even Aunty Iyabo that is my older friend I don’t know her movement.

But what do you think caused this 3 years rift?

I don’t know, I am not her friend and I can never be her friend. I remember there was a time she wrote something on her page, trying to support me and I asked for her number, and I really respected her. I always respect people because I don’t want people to disrespect my husband. My husband is my mini-god and I joke with that.

People said you were supposed to have disclaimed some of these comments?

Lizzy Anjorin
Lizzy Anjorin

I have done that severally. Let me tell you one secret, I recently called Aunty Iyabo to call us together to settle the matter. I am sorry for the way I spoke to you, but I have never done anything to Lizzy and you can ask her if she has any evidence. What she said was that a fan commented on Gistlover’s page and when she checked that fan’s page she saw my comment in one of her posts. And she said probably have a link with her. God bear me witness I have never had any issue with Lizzy. Please once again I apologise for the way I spoke to you…

After the conversation with Toyin Abraham, Esabod put a call through to Lizzy Anjorin and the conversation goes as thus…

Lizzy, I really don’t know the cause of this fight ever since you have been talking to me, I need you to tell me what really happened?

Grandma, I have been following you since. I am going to say one or two things now and I will also send some things to you. Firstly, Toyin is somebody I admire a lot. I remember when I had an issue with Iyabo Ojo then, Toyin and I met at MITV. As she stepped down, she walked up to me and confronted me that she heard I am the one fighting with Iyabo and she started creating scenes. She even wanted to raise my cloth up, to check if I was truly pregnant. I don’t have to sweet talk here. Whatever I say here God is my witness. My friend asked if we knew each other before. She really embarrassed me, to the extent that people around pitied me and if I felt so ashamed that day.

Though I have forgotten about that. Before I met her, there was one man called Muniru (Omo Onile) and one Honourable representing Eti-Osa, Hon. Noheem once told me that this particular lady, Toyin is bent on destroying me, that they met her in one hotel or somewhere I can’t remember. 3 days after, a friend of mine, Arukky on Instagram called me that Toyin called her, that she wants to get close to her.

I told her I like Toyin too but I have been hearing one or two things about her since 2 days ago.

Hold on, which pregnancy are you talking about?

Lizzy Anjorin
Lizzy Anjorin

The pregnancy of my 1st daughter Rotimi.

If it’s your 1st daughter, then it over 20 years ago?

But this one is 10-12 years ago, that she asked me to open my stomach in public.

In the middle of this conversation, Toyin called in again to say she has never asked anyone to open her stomach in public…God forbid.

But you told me you have never seen Toyin before?

Toyin Abraham
Toyin Abraham

No ma, I told you we have met 3 times, even if you check my Instagram post Toyin is the 2nd person I have ever posted on my page. The 1st time we met was at MITV, the 2nd time was on Regina Chukwu’s set, then the 3rd one was at a movie premiere. One day she called me that Arike has stayed with her before. I called Arike, and asked why she didn’t tell me she has stayed with Toyin before and she apologised. Anytime I am travelling I always list out all the countries I am going on my page for anyone that may want to buy shoes, bag, jewellery e.t.c.

On getting to Mecca I was stopped and they checked my luggage, then, they asked me to go, I also thought it was normal searching. When we got to Mecca, I heard Toyin gave birth I got the news when I put it on my phone and I was so happy and we even celebrated it when I called Arike in Nigeria. I wanted to congratulate her instantly but I remembered there was a time they were abusing her, and I took it upon myself and I wrote a nice piece and posted it on my page. She called me to thank me, but a few moments later I saw that post on Google and people started lambasting me, that I want to use her to trend that is why I wrote that write-up.

I told her about the message, but she insulted me that she was never sad.

I said since you know that why didn’t you ask me to pull down the post? I felt so bad on that day.

So, I don’t want people to say I want to use that to trend again, instead, I went to her husband page to congratulate her there, and immediately people started causing me again.

Let I ask you this, did Toyin comment or her followers?

Her followers did, but Toyin herself came to my page with her followers and with fake accounts.

Did you see her comment with her own account?

No, she didn’t comment, in fact, she deleted all the posts on her page. Then later I reposted the congratulatory comment I posted on her husband’s page and she said thank you and immediately she said that all those people abusing me stopped. It was so painful then. I was mad. And I wondered that why would Toyin subjected me to such ridicule.

When I got back to Nigeria, I also got another message from a lady who sent a message that Gistlover wrote and she’s very close to Toyin. I called that lady and Gistlover out. Also on the 3rd day, I got another message on my phone that “Lizzy, your enemy is going to prison no matter what”, I kept the number because I wanted to use it as evidence in court, I was now wondering what I have done to deserve all these ill-treatments and why they want to set me up. That was why I did what I did then, by calling a press conference.

Then, she sued me for civil and I sued her for a criminal case. Grandma, please let’s forget this issue for today, because I don’t want to start remembering so many things again.

Lizzy, do you want us to settle this or not? Esabod asked

Whatever you say is the final ma.

Please I want to beg the two of you to let it go.

Additional report; City People