Watch video of lifeless body of Super TV CEO, Usifo Ataga after he was discovered dead (VIDEO)


In a new development, a video showing the lifeless body of Super TV CEO, Usifo Ataga has emerged on the internet as a lot of people are still buzzing about his controversial death.

Earlier in the week, news made the rounds that the SUPER TV boss was murdered in a Lekki Apartment, and the suspect also used his ATM cards to withdraw funds from his account after the gruesome act.

21-year-old student of the University of Lagos identified as Chidinma, was later arrested and paraded for the Super TV CEO’s murder. Giving some closure as to why she committed the crime, Chidinma said,

We were in the lodge smoking. He was trying to make advances on me. I was tired and he became violent on it. I let him have his way. Towards afternoon, he ordered roofies. We took it together and ate food. He became high. I was still not happy with the first one (sex) that we had, so, I was staying on my own, smoking and drinking. He, too, was on his own.

“He came to me and I was like I am not happy with what he did. I was like, ‘You don’t help me, you don’t assist me with anything, you are just playing with me around’. He was like, ‘Take my ATM and withdraw what you want’.

“He later became violent trying to get to me and I was resisting and defending myself. At some point, he hit my head on the wall and I also retaliated.

“At some point, he was chasing me around the kitchen cabinet. I took a knife and stabbed his neck. I approached the door and he followed me. I stabbed him twice on the neck side. I threw the knife to the bed and he was going for it but I also went for it. He dragged the knife with me and it broke and he fell on the floor.”

Here’s a video showing the moment Usifo’s lifeless body was discovered,

In another news, The popular saying that goes ‘the internet never forgets’ is a veritable saying which means anything shared on the internet remains on it forever. Now, a fresh video of Chidinma Ojukwu who admitted to murdering SuperTV CEO has pop out online and generating several mixed reactions.

Chidinma is undoubtedly trending on various media platforms after she was arrested for having a hand in the death of Michael Ataga, the CEO of SuperTV. The fresh video which has already caught up with the winds of the internet showed that Chidinma was smoking cigarettes in a room and he was so high.

According to reports, a close friend of hers uploaded the video on Instagram to show Nigerians the other side of the ‘innocent-look’ of Chidinma when she gets extremely high from smoking.

As seen in the video sighted by MaDailyGist, it is so true that Chidinma is an addicted smoker and her confession to the Lagos State Police was nothing but the real truth. It is possible that her terrible actions that led to the death of the CEO would be as a result of her highness.

A Fresh photo which has popped up on social media shows the charming beauty of Chidinma and her massive backside. see photo below

Watch Video Below;

Bobrisky also referred to a viral video of the girl smoking as he likened her to a hired assassin. The controversial crossdresser added that this should serve as a lesson to all married, advising them to be careful about the type of girl they accept into their life.

He wrote:


Honestly, dis girl need hot slap. Someone you should have kept lowkey to urself and be chilling with his money. You went ahead to kill him without considering his wife and children feeling, just because he wanted to chill with you. Sad Some of dis girls are wicked and I honestly believe is d kind of friends they keep around them. Imagine a 21yrs old girl smoking like a hired assassin. This will serve as a lesson to all married men to be extremely careful before you accept any girl into ur life. What if is a set up sent by ur business partner or friend to kill you, your own is too see fine girl with big yansh next minute you don carry her go hotel. You want to end ur life with 10min enjoyment, you want to make ur wife at home and children fatherless just because you saw One rubbish girl somewhere… Nobody is a saint here but be careful when playing ur cards. Cheers.

Many people have been judging her after seeing the video of her smoking inside the room. See some reactions below;

jahmaderod: She’s just looking innocent smh really a bad girl. Face can be deceiving though

steadywizzy: This one done bad finish before na innocent beautiful face she just get anyway people wey senior her go mend her inside prison😂😂😂😂

guccidoinz: Why are people like this , shuo ooo .. just now just now , her videos and photo don Dey surface , trust no one .. believe me .. na her closed friends Dey sell her photos like this .. God help us .. living in a wicked world .. where everyone will depart you , when you meet doom .. trust no one .. this life , Na only you fit really love yourself pass yourself

ekua_paula_ : If you smoke weed and do bad things then it means you be winch /bad spirit 🙄weed supposed make you calm and think positively 💯 adey lie ???????😂😂

Femi Fani Kayode also posted the video of chidinma smoking weed on his twitter page.

Femi Fani Kayode
Femi Fani Kayode

According to Femi Fani Kayode, the short video of Chidinma Ojukwu seen very high on cigarettes is enough reason to describe her true personality. In other words, Chidinma is not how we are seeing her on the outward look, she is a drug addict.

He captioned the video: “The real Chidinma Ojukwu! This says it all…”

See reactions from Nigerians who chanced upon the video;

@ebubemira wrote; Smoking is bad whether u like it or not it makes u irresponsible that the way society see it especially in Africa we men knows the through especially when a lady is smoking we don’t take them serious she only there for the fun

95% guys here saying smoking is not bad will not allow their sisters to smoke or marry a girl that smoke we should call a Spade a Spade.

@JideOlubiyi wrote: Stop this pettiness. Smoking isn’t a crime, but a choice to self-destruct in installments. Her life up till that fateful crime was not criminal… Stop the distraction. People smoking go still reach Heaven before many holier-than-thous.

@Donmike wrote; FFK i think most parents in Nigeria today have lost that touch and training with their children.many parents now wants to westernize their children and forgot that we,r Africans.