In a new development, CCTV footage which shows embattled Nollywood actor, Baba Ijesha, molesting his victim, has been shared online.

Baba Ijesha has been in police custody after he was apprehended for defiling the minor who is the foster daughter of Nigerian comedienne, Princess.

Watch the CCTV footage as obtained by Punch below,

@chuksoflife wrote “And Nigeria police is saying it is a bailable offence… we no get police for this country oh”

@ako_na_uchaey wrote “I can’t even watch the video finish. This man here is not a newbie in this child molestation. He probably lost account of the little girls he has done this to. Agbaya”

@queenmunah wrote “This is not his first time of molesting any child especially her words fail me! I hope people can rest now they have seen the video”

@divadeoorganicskincare wrote “If you watch this and still say this is a set up!why did he fall for it if he isn’t a chronic child molester?”

@o.s.i.n.a.c.h.i_ wrote “No self control at all. He is clearly use to this”

@jamesuje wrote “Obviously the young gal was lectured to play along, perhaps it would be a different story if the gal in question is not aware she is been monitored by a CCTV, unfortunately, he fell for the set up”