Tiwa Savage scammed as her Son, Jamil says he knows she’s being acting as a tooth fairy, putting money under his pillow every time he lost a tooth.不 (Watch Video)


Popular Nigerian entertainer, Tiwa Savage is not ready for how fast her son, Jamil is outgrowing childhood fantasies which some people hold dear to the heart.

Tiwa Savage's son Jamil
Tiwa Savage’s son Jamil

In a video shared on Jam Jam’s page, Tiwa disclosed that he would lose another tooth and made a revelation about that tooth fairy.

Mummy it’s you

Tiwa then proceeded to ask Jam Jam whpo he thinks the tooth fairy is, and he did not hesitate to point out that he knows that she is the one.

On how he knows she is the tooth fairy despite the fact that it comes during the night, Tiwa’s son says he is a ghost with ghost vision and he can see everything.

Tiwa Savage and son, Jamil
Tiwa Savage and son, Jamil

An amused and shocked Tiwa shook her head several times as she repeatedly disclosed that she is not ready as he son is growing too fast.

“Jamil give me back all the money I have been putting under your pillow, so you knew it wasnt from the tooth fairy. This jam jam na scam o. Im not ready for how grown up he is getting. Guess he knows about Santa Claus too.”

Watch the video below:


missamadi: “BUSTED!!”

_certified_sage: “You don born ghost, he will watch over you.”

iamrediva: “There was a caught, my niece is 12 she still doesn’t know.”

eziafah: “make sure he sleeps well next time.”

mugsgitau: “mommy was not fooling anyone.”