This South African lady has an uncanny resemblance with BBN’s Tacha or is it just us?! (Video + Photos)


Scrolling through Instagram reels, the post of one particular Jennifer was shown and at first glance, one could have thought it was former Big Brother Naija star, Tacha but the username bore a different handle from “symply_tacha” and so it was really amazing to have seemingly found the doppelganger of the socialite.


Jennifer, a South African, appears to be a makeup enthusiast who owns a wig retail store. Her page is filled with makeup transition video reels of herself and looking at each of these reels, she just looks so much like Tacha.

She seemingly has the same jaw structure, face line and eyes that if Tacha were to be in a movie and needed a stunt double, Jennifer, if she auditioned would definitely get the job.

It might be just us tho and others might not necessarily see the resemblance we’re seeing but we thought to share… Checkout videos and more photos as you scroll,