Man Sends His Wife Out, After Finding N3.6m In Her Account & Their Son Died Because Of N25,000 Hospital Bills


The attention of Nigerians has been brought to the viral story of parents who reportedly lost their child due to negligence and lack of love. But, on the other hand, reactions are trailing the story of parents who lost their child because of twenty-five thousand naira despite having millions in the account.

According to reports making rounds online, the husband of the unidentified family sent his wife packing over refusal to take the payment responsibility of their child as required from the hospital. He realized that his wife had a sum of three million naira in her account.

It was also gathered that the wife refused to make the payments because her husband is not responsible for his household. She maintained that the money in her account is her hard-earned money and that the man had no right to get angry and walk away from the marriage because she did not bring it out.

Numerous reactions are trailing this news, and Nigerians have faulted both parents for not putting aside their differences to care for their child. However, most of the blame fell to the father’s side, who neglected his duties while the mother was chastised for not caring about her child’s life.

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becca__queen: This can’t be real..I refuse to believe this bullshit onG cus I wanna believe a mother if not the dead beat dad..a mother will drop everything just to see her child get better…so this must be fake

koda_moriss: Maybe the wife got tired of carrying the family…. Wetin even concern me sef

itz_raymaaly: I am not a judge and can’t judge any human for mistakes made from their own ignorance but this woman ehehe if I have a say make she just die coz she doesn’t deserve to live !!! She birthed that boy and seeing him dying should move her to do the extreme if she ever had love for that boy as a mother would

idikarhchoro: They are both not worthy to be called parents!

ifyike: There’s more to the story. Parents go about begging or borrowing to save a life. They both wanted the child dead.

mixx_yin: There’s a reason why mothers are mothers and worthy of the title this woman is not a mother cos mothers don’t care about whatever their children comes first

naija_rich_kids: So they both had funds and refused to pay. Your child’s health is not the weapon to use to make a point.

productreviewsbyressy: Probably saving to build a house in the village.

productreviewsbyressy: Nigeria as a country and the so called parent failed their own child. Cruel to dwell on money when a child is in critical condition. Goodness lord.