“Tears of pure joy..Just soo beautiful especially the elegant couple” – Reactions as Nigerian Siblings Organize Surprise White Wedding for Their Parents who Never Had it (VIDEO)


Nigerian siblings marked their parents’ wedding anniversary in a special way by treating them to an unexpected surprise.

The siblings organized a white wedding for their parents on the occasion of their 35th wedding anniversary. It is said that the parents had never had a white wedding.

One of the siblings shared a video from the occasion on Instagram as she revealed that her sister had to fly in to grace the occasion.

The parents looked all loved-up as they rocked white wedding attires and were joined like new couples at the small event.

The sibling who shared the story wrote:

“This weekend, my siblings and I wanted to give my parents the white wedding they never had. What better time to do it than their 35th wedding anniversary?

“My sister flew in to surprise her, she didn’t know about the ceremony till the day before. It went so well. Shout out to the friends and family that gave so freely in this process.”

Watch the adorable video below:

Internet users gush

@9jalioness said: “Tears of pure joy are flowing from my eyes. Just soo beautiful especially the elegant couple”

@iamneka14 stated: “I love this,thanks so much for blowing their mind and making every effort count..I’m jus so emotional now❤️”

@ihekubi opined: “Only a loving home and parents, can inspire this kind of idea in children. This is the type to tap into. God bless you for honoring your parents like this, and for everyone looking to this- may God also answer us all ❤️❤️❤️ such a gift!”

@iwalewaenny thought: “Oh lord of heaven… I will remarry and will be happy indeed … no marriage is perfect but when you meet you right spouse everything seems perfect.”