So Sad : Comedienne, Ada Jesus is dead, days after celebrating her birthday, Nigerians React


Comedienne Ada Jesus has been reported to have died today after having a cardiac arrest just after celebrating her birthday a few days ago and that has generated a massive reaction.

Ada Jesus who was battling with kidney problem was able to celebrate her birthday on a hospital bed but unfortunately gave up the fight after having a cardiac arrest just a few hours after celebrating her birthday.

According to reports, she died in an Abuja hospital today after suffering a cardiac arrest last night but all efforts to keep her alive were frugal leading to the demise of the 22yr old comedienne who had a promising future with her comedy skits.

It was gathered that she suffered a cardiac arrest last night and was rushed to the ICU where the doctors monitored her. Sadly, she lost the battle to the kidney ailment.

She died in the early hours of Wednesday at an undisclosed hospital in Abuja were she was being treated for kidney failure. She was aged 24.

This report has been confirmed by their family friend, Harrison Gwamishu who told BBC Igbo.

Some days ago, Ada Jesus celebrated her birthday Birthday In The Hospital!

Watch Video below:

Some netizens have blamed the pastors who she had an issue with but refused to forgive her after asking for their forgiveness asking whether they are happy now that the girl is dead calling for the arrest of the one who afflicted the pain on her.

Others also reacted sadly to her death praying that her soul rest in peace saying at least she was able to ask for forgiveness and settle her misunderstanding between all those she knowingly and unknowingly stepped on their toes.

See some of the comment below;

Ada Ujaligwa: “Wow. God rest her gentle soul peacefully and comfort her whole family Amen.” Ogboji Monday: “Chai Ada Jesus finally kick off, o my God. May her soul rest in peace.”

Ugegbe Isaac: “Thank God she found peace with her inner self by asking for forgiveness from those she felt she offended.May her soul rest in peace Amen.” Ijaga Nwagada Onyekachi

DanFrank: “Oh my goodness. Chai. What a painful and pathetic news.”

Mary Chinonye Ogbaji-onwurah: “Thank God she asked for forgiveness from those she offended, the well-being of her soul is what in peace dear.” ·

Kizito Nwankwo: “She believed in superstition and ignored medical helps, even when people were ready to fly her abroad. May her soul RIP.”

Oko Dennis Egwu: “Death is a general Clarion call for every living being, rest in peace Asa.”

Eze Izuchukwu Valentine: “RIP Young girl. Your life is an example to all of us. Many may see baggage from your life, but I chose to take all the positives from u. Rest in Power.”

Austin Agha: “So sad. God have mercy on her soul and grant her eternal peace in His kingdom.”

May God forgive all her short comings and accept her soul in paradise. May her soul rest in peace, Amen