Actress Mercy Aigbe has joined Simi’s NobodyLikeWoman trend sharing how she was mocked over her divorce with people saying she left her husband to do ashawo.

Mercy Aigbe
Mercy Aigbe

Simi who seems to be embarking on a project has given women the chance to share their struggles and what they had to go through in the hands of society because of one thing or the other and most female celebrities have joined the trend.

A lot of the female celebrities we perceive to be brave have made us realized that they’ve been through a lot in the hands of society through this trend of Simi and Mercy Aigbe has also shared how she was shamed.

We all know Mercy Aigbe is divorce and according to her post, society never believed her that her husband had been beating her but rather thinks she left her husband’s house so she could be free to do ashawo.

Mercy Aigbe for the first time, thanks to this trend has got this off her chest as some people in the society think she left her husband’s house just to be free to do ashawo and not that he has been beating her as she said and that really hurts.

This trend has made us realized that most of the female celebrities go through a lot emotionally based on what others say to them and unfortunately, they have to keep it to themselves but thanks to Simi for beginning this trend, most of them are letting it out.

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Adesua Etomi, Temi Otedola, Warri Pikin, Tonto Dikeh, and some other female celebrities also joined Simi’s NobodyLikeWoman trend to share how society shamed them.

Some of the female celebrities have joined the trend to share with us how they were shamed by society.

Adesua Etomi disclosed she was asked countless times whether she’s pregnant yet as a married woman she was expected to give birth very soon.

Warri Pikin disclosed how she was shamed after marriage with people saying her husband must be mumu to have married her, Tonto Dikeh also shared with us how she’s been mocked for not being able to stay in a man’s house.

Temi Otedola also talked about how people shame her for being talentless and overrated in everything she does along with some others who shared their challenges as career women and mothers as well and how society mocked them.

Tonto Dikeh wrote: This one!!! she no fit stay man house

Kie Kie wrote: Once you born your career is over

Osas Ighodaro wrote: She is a mother. She should stay at home

It seems Simi is embarking on a new project and by doing so is giving women the opportunity to share how they were shamed in society to give us all an insight into how most of the brave women we see on our screen are being mocked by society.

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