Regina Daniels vs Jaruma: 4 Videos Show When Actress and ‘Kayamata’ Seller Were Jolly Good Friends (VIDEO)


Another celebrity friendship has hit the rocks and this time around it is between Nollywood actress Regina Daniels and popular intimate products seller, Jaruma Empire.

Regina Daniels
Regina Daniels

The drama between the two started after Regina tongue-lashed Jaruma in an Instagram post and accused the businesswoman of using her name to promote her products illegally.

Regina in plain words also dissociated herself from the highly controversial ‘kayamata’ products being sold by Jaruma.<

The movie star’s public statement read in part:

This is for clarity sake…..I have and will never use any kayamata product. Jaruma paid me to help make random posts for her. I personally gave my terms concerning the kind of posts to be made, I was very mindful with my choice of words so as not to mislead the public, I was simply creating awareness for her brand. Along the line, we became friends, I was warned severally to keep her at arms length and mind my association with her but it is not in my nature to judge a person from another’s perspective but in her case I should have known better. She constantly uses every opportunity to create contents to profit off my person and my brand even after our payment deal expired. I tolerated it because I believed I understood her person and felt I should give her the benefit of doubt and maintain a cordial friendship . But This time, I will not tolerate Jaruma using this issue that practically portrays me as a bad person for her selfish desires knowing fully well, that I have NEVER AND WILL NEVER USE whatever she sells as I have no reason to….📌.

And this is a notice to my fans and the general public , I and my brand As Regina Daniels has no business/association with Jaruma and her products . Thank you 🖊

Well, shortly after the call-out, Jaruma wasted no time in returning the favour from her once cordial ‘friend’.


Jaruma listed all the financial benefits Regina’s family members have enjoyed from her while also claiming that she paid the actress N10 million to promote her products.

“Jaruma constantly uses every opportunity to create content ??? R u serious right now??? So why didn’t you tell the world the price???

A whooping N10,000,000 Ten Million Naira…!!! U must be joking Gina…!! Jaruma and Regina were friends for a year before Jaruma paid Regina N10,000,000 just for the purpose of visibility and reaching more audience, since Gina was in the spotlight for marrying a much older man.

In 6 months, Regina only posted Jaruma 3 times…!! Maybe because Gina felt Jaruma is in Dubai and so she can just do anyhow. Therefore Jaruma flew in from Dubai just to make Gina post at least 3 times a week,” her post read in part.

Read her full post below,

Amid the drama, we compiled some videos of the actress and the ‘kayamata’ seller showing when they were still on friendly terms.

Check them out below:

1. Jaruma, Regina Daniels and Rita Daniels spotted together at a restaurant

2. Jaruma spotted in a promotional video for Regina’s makeup product

3. Jaruma spotted during a visit to Regina Daniel’s family home

4. Regina and Jaruma spotted as they shade their naysayers

There’s nothing you will say that can penetrate me- actress Regina Daniels

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