Rare Photos of Mercy Johnson’s Grown-Up Stepchildren and Husband Prince Odi’s Ex-wife Hit Social Media


A Nigerian lady identified as Rita Egwu has taken to social media with a series of pictures showing Mercy Johnson’s husband Prince Odi Okojie with his ex-wife and their children.

Egwu, in a caption that accompanied the post, pointed accusing fingers at Prince Odi while noting that he simply remarried and started building a new family.

She went as far as suggesting that the man may not be taking care of his children with the ex-wife.

Egwu wrote:

“This was in 2011 but seriously what really is this? Like no divorce, you just remarry and start building a new family? It must hurt really badly to see your husband building a new family while perhaps neglecting his other children. I can never understand this but I’m lost for words.”

Kids now grown

In a different post, Egwu disclosed that she found the social media page of Prince Odi’s ex-wife and saw grown-up photos of the woman and her kids.

Egwu heaped accolades on her for doing a good job with nurturing the children while also offering some words of prayers for her.

She continued by dishing out words of advice to fellow women who have ex-husbands.

According to her, women should ensure that even after separation, the man takes full responsibility for his children.

See screenshots of her post below: