Pregnant Woman Posts Ultrasound Photo Of Her Baby Flexing His Muscles While In Her Womb (PHOTO)


A pregnant woman has become the centre of attention on the internet after she shared an ultrasound photo of her unborn baby who was flexing his muscles.

The expectant mother identified as Hannah Alfaro (Hanners on Twitter) took to microblogging platform, Twitter to share the photo which has since warmed the hearts of netizens who came up with funny interpretations while reacting to it.

‘NOT MY SON FLEXING ON ME But why are his biceps bigger than mine,’ Hannah captioned the interesting photo.

See some reactions the post generated;

@MoCityDan; When he comes out the doctors will say “congratulations, it’s a man”

@Jayjay23: That’s the future Anthony Joshua… some 2.0 things.

@Carbonxmarshme1; And then he gon start beating the shit outta the Surgeon.

@EbFlesruoy; I just know lil man gone grow up and be like “I’ve been flexing on niggas since I was in the womb”

@Drippy_Goku_; Son came out the womb already wearing Black AF1’sSkull

In other news, Facebook says it’s going to test out — again — an option for users to hide those “like” counts to see if it can reduce the pressure of being on social media. Instagram, which Facebook owns, will soon allow a small group of random users to decide whether or not they want to see the number of likes their posts and those of others receive.

The social media giant says it’s also exploring the feature for Facebook. Comments will still be available for people who chose to hide likes — they just won’t see whether it was 2, 20 or 20,000 people who liked their posts.

Instagram began hiding likes in 2019. While many users welcomed the feature, others, including some influencers, worried it might take away from the social media experience. At the time, the platform didn’t give users a choice to hide or unhide the like counts.