Ooni Is Packaging Special Gift For Queen Naomi, Still Loves Her, Palace speaks on the Divorce Rumours


The palace of Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi, has reacted to claims on social media that his queen, Prophetess Naomi Silekunola, is no longer with the monarch


In what seemed like a rebuttal to the viral reports, the spokesman of the palace, Chief Moses Olafare, told journalists on Thursday, December 23, that before a divorce can be effected, both persons must agree to it, stating that “Separation is a two-way affair and… not something that is announced by one party.”

Olafare revealed that on the night of Wednesday, December 22, the couple was together only for them to hear that the queen took to her Instagram page to announce that he is quitting the royal union, The Nation reports.

He said while the palace will investigate to ascertain if the post or handles belong to her in the first place.

OOni of Ife's Wife, Olori Naomi Shilekunola Ogunwusi
OOni of Ife’s Wife, Olori Naomi Shilekunola Ogunwusi

The spokesman added that to the best of his knowledge, the Ooni was preparing a special Christmas package which has already been delivered to the queen, and if they are really no longer together how can this be.

He stated:

“The announcement of separation is subject to an agreement by both parties, so, to that extent, the palace is not aware of such separation because we all went to bed last night having the king and queen being together.

“So, if by this morning, the queen went to her social media to write that she is no longer in marriage with Ooni, we will look into it to see whether or not the Instagram page truly belongs to her, and to know the reason behind it.

“But as of today, this moment, the palace is not aware of the separation. Marriage is a private affair. No matter how prominent the personalities involved, it is a private affair.

“We will dig deeper and know what happened but as I said, all of us just woke up to read about the separation on social media.

“Even by this time yesterday, Kabiyesi was still packaging a special gift for her. If you want to separate from someone, you cannot be packaging a gift for her.

“I am aware that Kabiyesi was putting special gifts for her for Christmas. If he is not in love with her, he cannot be doing that, only to wake up the following morning to hear from the public that she is no longer in the relationship.

“The Christmas gift has been delivered to her already.”

I did my best to endure and make it work: Ooni of Ife’s wife Queen Naomi announces the end of their marriage

Earlier, Naomi had reportedly taken to social media with an update that had come as a rude shock to Nigerians.

Taking to her Instagram page, the ex-queen thanked God for his faithfulness in the three years she had been married to the king.

Read her epistle below:

I bless the Lord almighty for His faithfulness in the last 3years of my marriage. In life’s journey, it isn’t how far. Still, how well, indeed though satan should buffet if trials should come, I have this blessed assurance controlling all situations and saying to me it is well with my soul. Certainly, it is well. I made my journey into the ancient throne of Ife with faith in my heart and love for the keeper of it.

Few impressions I would love to correct. If anyone knows otherwise, they are free to come up with facts. Let it be known that this decision to move on did not come because his majesty is married to another queen. As many would love to assume, throughout our life as a couple, I was the only married wife to him. There were side attractions, but it was never an issue.

I never approached him with any revelation of any sort, as many believed he contacted me first and made his proposal known several months later.

The marriage was not an arranged one, as many have misconstrued. I never knew the prophetess said to have introduced me to him. Instead, he introduced her to me after I agreed to marry him. I was only being polite out of respect for him.
I have never been pregnant all my life before Tadenikawo; my son is my first ever pregnancy with medical reports to back it up
The girl who is said to be my daughter is my niece.

I did my best to endure and make it work; many times, I smiled through the struggle, but I have finally realised I had just one assignment, my son, and when God is done, He is done. He chose Saul to be king, and when He was done, He told the prophet Samuel I have moved on. Religion was never an issue between us; please refer to my interview on News Central TV. Instead, His Majesty has a picture he would love the world to see and perceive him as and another one which is his true self.

Today I announce the beginning of a new dawn and the close of a chapter. Today, I am a mother to God’s unique gift. I am no longer a slave to my thoughts of perfection. I, at this moment, announce that I shall no longer be referred to as wife to the Ooni of Ife or as Queen of Ile-Ife but as the Queen of the people and mother of my adorable Prince.

He is God’s way of saying I know about it all.In situations like this, there will be aggrieved persons. I, at this moment, appeal to all parties involved to allow the peace of God with the consciousness that there is a lovely little boy between us. I thank all of my prayer partners and loved ones.

I remain committed to all of my projects,charity work and ministry.
In this new season, I shall be focusing on God only.

Recall that Ooni married Oloori Silekunola Ogunwusi in 2018. The couple welcomed heir prince in 2020.

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