My Boyfriend Pays The Rent For Our House But He Doesn’t Know I’m The Landlord, she asked what will happen if he finds out – See how people reacted (Watch Video)


A woman has revealed that she is secretly her boyfriend’s landlord, claiming he has been single-handedly paying rent for their apartment for a year without knowing that she owns the building.

Jayne, who is known as @jaynedoee0 on TikTok, made the shocking confession in a now-viral video that has been watched more than 1.7 million times, leaving viewers divided over her actions.

She explained in the clip that her boyfriend has been living with her for a year and ‘pays the rent’ as well as ‘all major bills.’

‘Little do he know I’m the landlord and owned this place for five years now,’ she added. ‘So his direct deposits are going straight to me.’

‘Do y’all think he’ll be mad once he finds out?’ she asked in the caption.

Thousands of people have commented on the video, but the reactions to her confession have been mixed.

Some accused her of ‘using’ her clueless boyfriend, arguing that the issue is not the fact that she makes him pay rent but that she is lying about where his money is going.

‘That’s so wrong. Shows you’re just using him. Poor guy,’ one person wrote, while someone else called it ‘sneaky.’

‘It’s not even the fact of him paying it, it’s the lying behind it,’ another critic pointed out. ‘If he pays every other bill, I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t mind paying a mortgage.’

One TikToker could see both sides, explaining: ‘On one hand this is lit. On the other hand if he finds out the relationship is over. Trust is gone forever.’

Others praised Jayne for her ‘brilliant’ deception while pointing out that her boyfriend would have to pay rent anyway if he lived somewhere else.

‘Some of y’all just mad she thought of it and you didn’t,’ one fan commented. ‘This ma’am is a Boss Move!’

‘She has to pay the mortgage so it’s the same thing someone else argued, while another added: ‘He still needs to pay rent. The bank is not accepting love instead of a mortgage payment every month.’

A few days later, Jayne clapped back at a viewer who called her ‘useless’ and ‘sneaky’ for having her boyfriend unknowingly pay her rent.

‘I put this shoulder up, I put this shoulder up and I drop ’em, ’cause I don’t care,’ she said in the follow-up clip.

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