Mercy Johnson And Husband Celebrate 10th Wedding Anniversary With Lovely Family Video


Actress Mercy Johnson and her husband Prince Okojie have celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary with a lovely family with their children wishing them.

Mercy Johnson has always been trying her best to bring her family together and for that reason has been doing almost every single video with them to have that connection with her husband and kids and that works perfectly well.
Celebrating her 10th wedding anniversary, Mercy Johnson made sure her kids and her husband wore matching outfits and the kids look really happy for their parents to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary with them.

Mercy Jonhson then asked her kids to wish them saying she wants to listen to their wish and do it seems as if she was forcing them, the kids were just happy to wish them and do their own thing in front of the camera.

We all know how Mercy Johnson and her kids are in front of the camera, well this wasn’t any exception and as usual, her husband was just standing cool as she does her own thing with her kids and the video was just lovely to watch.

Fans and colleagues of Mercy Johnson have congratulated her on her 10th wedding anniversary with some saying it felt like just yesterday when she was about getting married and now she’s celebrating 10yrs already.

video below;