Meet man and wife who have worn same outfits to church for 28 years (PHOTOS)


Remember when we said that the little things always count? We meant it and we are about to show you why.

In relationships or just life in general, we often go for grand gestures and forget that little things like thank you, a helping hand or a peck on the cheek go a long way.

In love, something as simple as matching outfits can prove to be the biggest expression of affection.

Long-lasting marriages do not really require grand cars, huge mansions or expensive vacations. Well, they are a bonus but they definitely are not the yardstick when it comes to measuring love.

Things like good morning messages, cooking together, having fun together are the building blocks of a healthy, happy and thriving marriage.

Call them a recipe for success. A Twitter user by the name Pamilerin or Dr PamPam knows this too well. Why? Because he saw it in his parents’ marriage.

During the 28 years his parents have been married, Pam has noted that they always stuck to an extremely unique tradition.

First, the two always go to church together and this is without fail. Secondly and most importantly, the married couple always wears identical clothing on Sundays.

When daddy wears something purple, mummy also does the same. Beautiful, right.

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