Man moved to tears as his five wives surprise him with a Colorful birthday party “for creating a harmonious relationship among them” (PHOTOS)


Five women who are married to the same man in a polygamous union have shown their undying love for him in a beautiful gesture.


The Ugandan women from Iganga town threw a surprise birthday party to celebrate their husband, Hajji Mohammad Ngobi’s 57th birthday.

According to Nile Post, the party was held at one of the wife’s home to mark the birthday of a man they have been married to for a period of between 10 and 30 years.The wives are Aisha Namatende, Sharifah Ngobi, Aminah Namukose, Zalufah Nampina and Hajjati Lamulal Ngobi.

Their husband is reportedly a wealthy businessman and also the prime minister of the Nagwere clan.

The women showered their man with gifts as they relished the birthday party that many friends and family attended.

The women thanked Hajji for ensuring a harmonious relationship among them and always sharing resources equally, never showing any discrimination.

The birthday man is said to have shed tears as he listened to wonderful speeches from his wives and children, who had only nice words to say about his justice as a man of many wives.

Hajji thanked his women, noting he never expected the party in his honour while also offering some wise words for those who want to marry more than one wife.

“I have been able to build a house for each of my wives and they all have a business.

“Before I add another one, I am always open to the new one to know that she is not alone, but that there are other women as well,” he advised.

Muslim men have been allowed to marry more than one woman.

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