Man finds out how his girlfriend who has a twin sister, switches places with her twin at night so he could unknowingly be “Sleeping” with the two of them


A young guy has taken to social media to share how his girlfriend who has an identical twin, switched places with her twin at night so he could be sleeping with the two of them in turns without knowing.


The gentleman revealed this during a discussion which prompted twins to reveal the best switches they ever pulled.

He wrote,

“I once dated a woman with a twin. I don’t know why but they got in their mind that they will switch places so I will end up having s*x unknowingly with her twin.

So one night, I’m already in bed and she turns out the light to make it harder for me to realize their trick and makes up some last second excuse to leave the room. A minute or two later I hear (what I assumed was her) coming back into the room and climbing in bed beside me.

So I slide down over and we start making out. We ended up having some mind blowing s**. It was incredible. I’ve never gotten such passion from my girlfriend.

At some point in the night, they’d switch back so when I woke up my girlfriend smiled at me and asked me if I enjoyed it, I explained to her I’d been onto them the whole time.and that I knew it wasn’t her from the very start. She looked at me very shocked and asked how I’d known. I said “your hands are smaller than his”.

In another news, A Nigerian man has left social media users stunned with the story of how he had a one-night stand with his mother-in-law, who later got pregnant.

The man spilled the details of his sexual rendezvous with his mother-in-law in a call-in show on Nigeria Info. According to him, he met his mother-in-law whilst still engaged to her daughter (his present wife).

worried cry

He said they had a great relationship and became very close. According to him, they hung out at an “entertainment spot” with other people and got drunk, and they eventually had sex on that fateful day.

He said his mother-in-law got pregnant and went ahead to have the child which she pinned on his father-in-law.

The man, who sounded remorseful on the call, expressed his regrets and asked for possible advise from listeners of the TV show.

In his words,

“When I met my current wife, we were dating. Prior to that, she introduced me to her family and I got close to her mom who was too young for her age. One thing led to another, she started visiting me frequently.

So, initially, she started by visiting with food and drinks. I ran into her at an entertainment spot so we lost the chat. That evening while going back home because the driver took a while to pick her up.

I was really drunk and tipsy but she was stable. When we got to a place, I parked to pee and when I got into the car, we kissed and eventually had sex in the vehicle.

She got pregnant and later gave birth to a son although she never had any male son for her husband because her husband, his father-in-law has always been torn on her flesh.

But I went ahead to marry her daughter, my wife. “

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