Lizzy Anjorin Shares Daughter’s Paternity Test Result To Prove Shop Assistant Arike Is Not Mother of New Baby – See the result


For everyone doubting that she welcomed her baby with her husband, actress Lizzy Anjorin has shut the mouth of her critics with a paternity test.

The actress shared a result of her daughter’s paternity test and it revealed that she and her husband are the original parents of the little girl.

Lizzy shared the result online after someone said it was her help Ariyike that gave birth to the baby. To shun naysayers, Lizzy posted the photos of the medical report.

As Lizzy shared the results, she did not caption it, leaving some of her fans asking questions on the reason she shared them.

Nigerians react

animasaunabisola: “Please I don’t understand all these grammar here. Why must everything be displayed on social media. Hmmm.”

sotuminukeji: “Like seriously, I don’t know why she posted it here on social media.”

duchessola: “Kilotunde bayii o. Who is doubting small Alhaja’s paternity?”

biwills: “To prove what point exactly. to social media fans and in-laws that do not care.”

becky_glow_skincare: “I love this… no caption. People saying why post this are alabosi.”