“Let me and my Kids be” – Widow Bursts Into Tears as She Begs In-Laws who Seized All Her Hubby’s Properties, she reveals how her husband died and what his family did to her (VIDEO)


A grieving widow has taken to social media to beg her late husband’s father and siblings to stop tarnishing her image after they seized all the man’s properties.

In a video that was shared on Instagram by @ijeomadaisy, the young lady who burst into tears said her in-laws should not add to her pain by lying that she killed the love of her life.


In her words:

“I beg you in the name of God, don’t add to my pain. Please, let me be in peace. Let me and my children be in peace.”

According to the young lady who had two sons for her late husband of two years, her in-laws seized all the man’s properties and abandoned her and the kids.

Getting involved in a car crash

The lady and her husband were involved in a car accident on their way to Abuja in 2021, after which surgery was performed on the man, but he didn’t survive it.

She said after her husband’s burial, the family took all that belonged to him and started tarnishing her image.

Social media reacts

Many soon flooded the comment section of the post to share their thoughts.

An Instagram user with the handle @g360prints said: “This guy looks like just an average guy, which property dem wan fight collect again, kai they should let her live in peace abeg. Small thing wey the guy gather, them wan collect. Na wah.”

@therealozilicious wrote: “Her husband was so young.”

@nneswt commented: “Las Las it may be them wey kill their brother sef. The man’s spirit should fight for his wife biko.”

@cnb_online_boutique said: “This is rather unfortunate. Our society needs to learn to treat widows better.”

@nelokalu wrote: “May God console her and make her smile soon…na God go punish those inlaws.”

Watch video below:

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