Lady cries out for advice after husband-to-be requests change of property to his name to prove her loyalty – What Should I do??


A young lady has taken to social media to seek advice after her husband-to-be asked that she changes the deed of a property bought in her name to his.

According to her, before she met him she already acquired a property where she earns rent from eight rooms annually. However, few months to their wedding he has insisted she would have the property changed to his name, immediately after their marriage to prove her loyalty.

Asking for advice in an anonymous message she shared on social media, she wrote,

“I graduated at 20 did my nysc and got a job where I was paid 250 thousand monthly, I was my parents last born my elder ones are doing well so one disturbs me for money. At my work place real estate agent came and brief us about land issue and how we can pay installmentally which I agree to do it worked it took me 2 years to finish the payment and I with God’s grace I have about 8 two rooms and parlor self con.

Am 28years about to marry TM fixed 28 of Dec. We had a date 2 Sundays ago were we discussed and open up about ourselves and secrets that was when I told him I have a house with 8 tenants in it, I can tell from his expression he was surprised he told me he has none but working towards it.

He has a car, lives in a rented apartment 3rooms and parlour and is comfortable but why am writing this to you is that yesterday night my man to be called and before we end the call he request that after marriage the deed of my house should be transferred to his name, the account number to pay house rent should be his that is how a woman should be under a man I found it strange at the same time I don’t want to sound feminist to him please only intro has been made if am going to get married to him how do I convince him is not possible”.