#JusticeForSylvesterOromoni: Parent makes a shocking revelation about Dowen College as Eye witness who claims was in the room when Sylvester was beaten reveals how it happened, names those that did it


As reactions continued to trail the death of Sylvester Oromoni, a 12-year-old student of Dowen College, a parent identified Ola Adebajo had made a shocking revelation about the school.

The Instagram user had reacted to a post by Nollywood actress Susan Peters questioning why parents of students in the school have refused to speak on the issue.

Responding to this, Ola Adebajo said there is no Parent and Teachers Association in Dowem College, the reason he withdrew his son from the school.

According to Ola Adebajo, when he inquired about why the school does not have PTA, the principal told him that the school owner does not believe in it.

She wrote: There is no PTA in Dowen College. That is why I took my son out of the school. I asked the principal and he said the owner does not believe in it but he believes in talking my money. These are the things that should be regulated by the government. You cannot have a school and not have impute from parents. It’s a recipe for disaster.

Reacting to this some social media users including actress Susan Peters shared some advice with parents. See the reactions below;

Susan Peters wrote: Now I understand why parents are not speaking out , when you have a school without PTA . What’s there to expect ?

Dowen college am lost for words , children lives are not important abi ? I advise all parents to withdraw their kids from any school that has been blacklisted!!!

inyareghdoo wrote: Naaah this is totally unacceptable! You take people’s monies but they cannot have a day as to what happens to their children?? Hell to the NO!

netflixrecommendd wrote: Just imagine.they r definitely running away from something. Even my sixth form college had PTA as big as we were o.

Meanwhile, An eye witness has given detailed account of what allegedly happened to lat Dowen Collage Student, Sylvester Oromoni.

According to the boy who claims to be present at the room when everything happened, Sylvester was truly beaten up by some seniors in the school.

He stated that while they were gisting and playing, the boys came in and switched off the light and began to beat up Sylvester till he fell from his bed.

After beating him up, they warned Sylvester and other boys present not to tell anyone about what transpired in the room.

The boy revealed that the next morning, Sylvester complained that he could no longer walk and they had to report to school authorities about what happened.

He disclosed that the school authorities allegedly shut them up, and insisted that he was injured while playing football.

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