“Jesus, I am finished” – Nigerian married man cries after he was caught trying to woo a 15-year-old girl in London – Watch Video


A Nigerian married man, simply identified as Jeff, has been caught while he was chasing and trying to woo a 15-year-old school girl in London.

Jeff, who is a Lambeth parking attendant in London, had approached the underage girl and requested for her phone number, which she gave him.

He started stalking her after school and sending her messages on WhatsApp, unknown to him that he was chatting with the girl’s father.

Infuriated by Jeff’s actions despite knowing that the girl is 15-years-old, her father accosted and attacked him while he was waiting for the minor after school.

In the video making rounds on social media, Jeff could be seen running around as he begged for mercy, but the man followed him and dealt him blows on his face.

Jeff could also be heard saying with a shaky voice, “Jesus, Jesus…. I didn’t know, I swear to God. I am finished”.

It took the intervention of the police to calm the minor’s father.

Watch the video below: