“Iyalaya gbogbo yin, Any movie I act in or produce, you always trash it.” – Toyin Abraham blows hot after fan trashes #TheProphetessmovie after watching the movie


Actress Toyin Abraham is presently engaging in a war of words on Instagram with fans that did not find her newly released movie, The Prophetess, funny.

Recall that the much anticipated movie, The Prophetess which was produced and directed by Niyi Akinmolayan and stars Toyin Abraham as lead cast, premiered last weekend and started screening today at the cinemas nationwide.

Toyin Abraham
Toyin Abraham

Upon seeing the movie today, a popular movie critic on Instagram, Cinema Pointer described it as thrash, “Not Recommended. Chaotic and noisy, ‘The Prophetess’ is One Hundred and Forty Four minutes of nonsense.”

Reacting in anger, Toyin Abraham took to the comment section of the post and blew hot “I can bet my life that you’re someone in the industry that does not like me cause I’m doing great and you cannot stop me. Any movie I act in or produce, you always trash it. I’m sure you thought I produced prophetess but no I didn’t produce, I only acted in it. I have my audience and market, I keep feeding them. My darling, making 130 million during the pandemic and end sars is not a joke and being number one on Netflix for weeks is not a fluke. Prophetess is about Nigeria, for Nigerians and made by Nigerians, (Mr Niyi Akinmolayan)and you say bad things about it. Cinemapointer, whoever you are and whoever paid you, I leave you to your conscience. And lastly, like I said, I am a brand and I know my market and I willing never stop feeding my market. Peace and love.
NB: we won’t bribe your the way others are bribing you, so keep saying trash; but let God judge you. If you want me to really believed your reviews, my darling show your face.”

As expected the comment generated mixed reactions from fans, while some of them applauded her, some others mocked her.

One of them wrote “Truth is always bitter and just because you think you are a big brand doesn’t mean you are above criticism. When you produced the first Alakada Reloaded, they gave you Mildy Recommended and when you produced The Ghost and the Tout again. Cinema pointer gave you Recommended and even commended you of stepping up your game. I guess you were happy then. Now that you have been producing thrash and taking advantage of all your loyal fans, that is when you now think the person behind this page doesn’t like or love you. Madam go and sit down somewhere. Just stop producing now and concentrate more on your acting. No doubt you are a good actress but you even do too much lately. Just take the review and work more on your next production. Just my 1kobo advice.”

And in response, Toyin Abraham said “Guess what, I am here to stay, Iyalaya gbogbo yin…”