I’ve Been Battling Immense Pain: Peter of PSquare Down With Serious Illness, shares picture


Fans of the superstar music brothers, PSquare, have been left disappointed with the news of Peter being seriously ill and undergoing medical treatment.

Peter okoye
Peter okoye

The musician took to his Instagram page to share an image of himself taking drips and resting ahead of his recovery.


Peter confirmed that he has been battling with health issues and his doctors have advised him to rest hence the need to postpone their concert slated for December 18, 2021, to Christmas day. Sharing the picture, he wrote

It’s been a challenging couple of days trying to power through immense pain, fever and general body weakness.

We were very excited about giving you an amazing show on the 18th, Unfortunately, my body has taken quite a beating with several intense rehearsals back to back and studio that it just couldn’t take it any more and I have had to give in to Dr’s orders to get some rest, build back my strength to get to optimum health.

The first thing I did was take a coVID test and thankfully my tests came out *negative* for coVID.

I’d like to thank my brother @iamkingrudy, my family and team for holding it down while I get through this.

The good news is, we will make it up to you and give you a truly amazing show on Christmas Day – Saturday, December 25th !

If you’re a ticket holder, the wonderful team @livespotx will send you an email with updates and options.

The show will go on and we can’t wait to see you there. Look out for electrifying performances from P-Square, some of your faves and more.

Thank you all,


Encouraging messages

A number of Peter’s celebrity friends and fans have sent him encouraging messages concerning his health issues and wished him a speedy recovery.

We picked some of the comments, read below:

Iyaboojofespris: “Get well soon.”

Djswitch_: “Get well soon chairman!”

Babarex0: “Health first o. Get well soon bro.”

Dareynow: “Feel better soon bro! We are prepped and ready for you let’s give them a show to remember.”

Ericanlewedim: “Get well soon and your show will be phenomenal.”

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