“It is Painful, I Don’t Want Justice, I Just Want To See My Son Dead Or Alive” — Devastated Dad Of 16-Yr-Old Boy Trapped In Collapsed Ikoyi Building Says (VIDEO)


A devastated father could not hold back his tears after he was informed that his son is one of the persons were trapped on the 21-storey building that collapsed at Ikoyi in Nigeria.

The sad event occurred a few days ago and some people have been hospitalized whilst others were found dead and some are even still trapped in the collapsed building. However, whilst some aggrieved Nigerians are calling for justice for the affected persons or victims of the collapse a father’s cry was for him to set his eyes on his 17-year-old son dead or alive.

A video that captures the man who spoke to pressmen at the scene hours after the incident shows the moment the embittered father of a victim broke down into tears whilst talking about seeing his son.

Nigerians are heartbroken by the incident and they alluded that it is painful to see a parent bury his child.


See some reactions below;

aymplyyemi: This is heartbreaking 😢😢a grown up man crying this way you should know this is really sad 😢so sad to watch seff😢😢😢

glowria: No parent I repeat no parent should ever have to deal with this!! So heartbreaking 💔

madcastro: So them never excavate this building waste to see if some people will be still be alive?

omnimichelle: 😢😢😢 I hate watching stuffs like this. I hate it when people gets hurt over something that could have been prevented .😭😭😭

onyiijae: I have been so heartbroken since😭😭😭
God pls give these family closure and console them all🙏💔💔

thebennyboom: Lagos housWhen a father cries 😢😢it’s from the deepest pain this is heartbreaking 💔

thewalkingmemorial: sometimes I wonder how some of these people got there.. were they working there or inspecting too?