“I’m upset” – Korede Bello opens up on his Love affair with Iyabo Ojo’s daughter, Priscilla


Talented singer, Korede Bello was recently asked about his love life and his plans for marriage ; the MAVIN singer had some answers to give.

Korede Bello
Korede Bello

Below is the excerpt of the interview with The Sun ;

What is your relationship with actress Iyabo Ojo’s daughter?

“You mean Priscilla? Why didn’t you just say her name? Now, I’m upset and I respectfully decline to answer the question because a #RealMan only answers direct questions.”

Iyabo Ojo's Daughter, Priscilla Ojo
Iyabo Ojo’s Daughter, Priscilla Ojo

Do you believe in marriage?

“If your definition of marriage is a partnership, then yes!”

What are your plans for marriage?

Do you want to sponsor my wedding? Or you have found a wife for me… which one of them? What are the best and worst moments of your career?

“The only moment that matters to me is the one I’m currently experiencing. Looking into the past for best or worst moments robs you of the luxury and quality of the present moment.

Depending on what I do with this moment, it can either be my worst or best one yet. But then again, there’s nothing like best or worst moments; they’re just different pages from the Book of Life, the Book of Experience.”

Iyabo Ojo's Daughter, Priscilla Ojo
Iyabo Ojo’s Daughter, Priscilla Ojo

What’s the inspiration behind your new song, Real Man?

“Real Man is a reflection of my current state of mind about what characteristics make a man a man. 

To me, a real man is a provider and a responsible human being. Provision is not limited to material things alone but also the ability to pay attention to your woman’s emotional needs. A real man is an empathetic man. 

A real man is a solution provider. A real man knows how to treat a woman right. A real man recognizes, respects and protects the rights of every girl or woman.”