“I want my life back, I cant hold the pain no more” – Bobrisky cries out over the side effects of his post-lipo surgery


Controversial Nigerian crossdresser, Bobrisky has updated his fans on how he’s recuperating following his butt lift surgery.

The male barbie who recently had a butt enlargement procedure done, took to social media to lament as he reveals he’s in so much pain.


According to him, he wants his life before the surgery back as the pain is getting unbearable.

However, despite the severe pain Bobrisky is getting comfort from the result of the surgery. The crossdresser revealed his hip is now cute and petite. “My hips na die too cute and petite”. He wrote.

Giving details of his post-cosmetics surgery experience, he wrote,

“I’m sorry have been off here lately !!!! I’m in pain.. 360 lipo is damn painful. I want my life back. My stomach is so hurt. My back is gone. I can’t hold d aim no more.

“The worst of all is sleeping in ONE POSITION all day. Thanks to my house girl (RITA) for always rubbing my back at night. I love you for supporting me with dis journey, I thought I was dying. The pain is out of dis world”.

See his posts below,

Reacting to Bobrisky’s present condition,

@malikdeking wrote “Don’t worry, nothing will happen to you papa the mama”

@lotuschild_1 wrote “Mad man… she say na thanks to my house girl “

@empress_prisca wrote “You never see anything mtchwwww”

@beautiful_n_affordable wrote “Who cares? Anybody send you”

@_churchilljunior wrote “God won’t let you die, you will stay and feel the pain and learn your lesson”