I Pay My Husband Double Fees When He Works on My Movies: Actor Adeniyi Johnson’s Wife Seyi Edun Gives Reason


Popular Nigerian actress and movie producer, Seyi Edun, has spoken on what life is like being actor Adeniyi Johnson’s wife.

Adeniyi Johnson and Seyi Edun
Adeniyi Johnson and Seyi Edun

While speaking with City People Magazine during a recent interview, the filmmaker explained that her husband sometimes works on her movie productions and she pays him double.


Why I pay my husband double

Edun disclosed that whenever she and her husband are working, it is strictly business.

Seyi Edun
Seyi Edun

The actress noted that she and her man work on the same projects a lot and she even pays him double when he features on her productions.

Giving a reason for this, Edun noted that she does this because he doesn’t just work as an actor. According to her, her husband also helps to supervise things on her movie set and helps as a coordinator even though a professional is hired on set.

In her words:

“I pay him double when I feature him on my productions. That is because when I feature him on my movies, he is not just going to be an actor on my set, but also a coordinator. He would be in charge of welfare and basically everything.

“Though we will have professionals on set, but he would still assist them, so you can imagine, he is doing much and that requires big payment as well. If I am paying everybody working for me, he has to be paid too, to think that he is even working more.”

Edun however noted that her husband is not a producer yet and that if he becomes one, perhaps she can also charge him double to work on his project.


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